Pablito A. Baybado, Jr. (Editor)
Unity and Harmony in Asia: The 8th General Assembly of Asian Conference of Peace Religion for Peace Asia (ACRP) This book was about peace and the way of dialogue to achieve it. In the words of Dr. Khalid Nawaz Khan Marwat, one of the keynote speakers, “Religion is a weapon for peace,” and interreligious dialogue is the way to attain “unity and harmony in Asia,” the theme of the 8 th ACRP General Assembly. This book contains the proceedings of the 8th General Assembly of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace, also called Religions for Peace Asia, the regional affiliate of Religious for Peace International, the world’s largest and most representative multi-religion coalition…
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Robert Montaña

Thomistics Ethics: A Beacon in the Contemporary Moral Landscape

This book was written in response to what the author believes as the need to present ethics argumentatively (rather than dogmatically) so that the reader would be able to discern theough the natural light of reason, his or her own unique path to good conduct…
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 Jove Jim S. Aguas

Person, Action, and Love: The Philosophical Thoughts of Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II)

Person, Action, and Love: The Philosophical Thoughts of Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) provides a comprehensive yet very readable statement persona list philosophy of Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II), and theological debates. Dr. Aguas helps the reader to overcome Wojtyla’s sometimes dense prose, giving lucid explanations of the key concepts of subjectivity, human action, and the human person – concepts that are essential to understanding the powerful account of love, sexuality, and human dignity.

– Prof. William Sweet, Ph.D., St. Francis Xavier University

Clarence M. Batan, Mark Anthony D. Abenir & Evelyn A. Songco
Researching Student Affairs and Services“The University has an important role to provide venues for students to expand intellectual abilities and capacities as well as promote their socio-emotional and relational readiness for the rapid changes in technology, and create opportunities where personal and character-building programs prepare them for the highly volatile future in the world of work. The whole University Sytme should be able to create a campus experience that has lasting effects on the students’ after-class endeavors.”-Ma. Paquita Diongdon- Bonnett, PhD