The Research Center on Culture, Education and Social Issues (RCCESI) is the research arm of UST in the fields of culture, art, humanities, social sciences, and education. It gathers together research associates from three former centers namely, the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD), the Social Research Center (SRC), and the Center for Intercultural Studies (CIS). With the new disciplinal thrust of UST as a research university, RCCESI will soon be transitioning into two new centers, the Research Center on Culture, Arts, and the Humanities (RCCAH), and the Research Center on Social Sciences and Education (RCSSED).

The RCCESI as a center in transition reconstitutes its research thrusts along academic disciplines  managed by research interest groups (RIGs) namely, Philosophy Studies; Literary and Cultural studies; Communication Research; Architectural Studies; Economics, Business and Finance Studies; Language Studies; Education and Leadership Studies; Studies in Psychology, and Contemporary Social Issues researches (covering studies on inter-generational relations; social health; migration, politics and policies; and environmental vulnerability, security, and sustainability). Emerging working groups (WGs) in the fields of musicology, linguistic studies, and peace and conflict studies are also currently supported by the center. At present, special projects on inclusive education, relevant Catholic church-related matters (CBCP), and finance soundness and literacy (CIMA) are also being undertaken by the center.

To engage in meaningful and responsive research in the field of culture, arts, the humanities, social sciences, and education, committed to the service of the Church, the nation, and the global community.

To be a center of excellence in doing researches in the fields of culture, arts, the humanities, social sciences, and education for social transformation.

Inclusive – recognizes knowledge multiplicity rooted in Catholic identity.
Ethical – adheres to the highest standard relative to the practice
Collaborative – recognizes diversity and works in the spirit of synergy and collegiality
Creative – induces passionate for new ways to scholarship
Integrative – fuses theory with practice
Transformative – inspires individuals, institutions and society towards improved quality of life

•    Anthropology
•    Architecture
•    Commerce
•    Communication
•    Economics
•    Education
•    Languages
•    Environmental Science
•    History
•    Languages
•    Literature a& communication
•    Philosophy
•    Psychology
•    Social development
•    Sociology


Research Interest Groups (RIGs) Research Agenda
Philosophy Studies Oriental Philosophy
East-West Comparative Philosophy
Thomism and Scholasticism
European and Anglo-American Philosophy
Literary & Cultural Studies  Philippine Literary Text and Cultural Symbols
Inter-textual Translation in Philippine Context
Communication Research Film & Media Studies
Development Communication
Architectural Studies Architectural History
Heritage & Conservation Studies
Urban Design & Community Planning
Architectural Design


Research Interest Groups (RIGs) Research Agenda
Economics, Business & Finance Studies Sustainable Economics
Energy Economics
Macroeconomic Indicators
Tourism research
Hospitality Management Studies
Language Studies Forensic Linguistics
Reading Literacy & Education
English for Specific Purposes
Discourse Analysis
Education & Leadership Studies Teacher Education
Leadership & Policy Studies
Inclusive Education and ECE
Health Education
Studies in Psychology Clinical
Contemporary Social Issues Intergenerational studies
Environmental  Studies
Social Health Studies
Migration Studies


1.    Catholic-Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Philippines
Duration:  March-June 2015
Project Title: Connecting the Connected: A Qualitative Assessment Study of the CBCP Episcopal Commissions, Committees and Offices (ECCOs) Reports (2013-2014).
Project Leader:  Dr. Arlen A. Ancheta

2.    The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, London, UK
Duration: April 30, 2015 – Jan. 31, 2016
Project Title: Economy of Giving in Simbahayan Community Development Program:  A Qualitative Research
Project Leader:  Prof. Ma.  Belinda S. Mandigma, PhD.

3.    Anonymous- Catholic Donor from Europe
Duration:   2014-2019
Project Title: Ugnayan, Sanayan at Tulay: Comprehensive Special Education Project
Project Leader. Assoc. Prof. Maripia Rabacal

4.    Commission on Higher Education – Philippine Higher Education Research Network (CHED-PHERNET), Philippines
Duration: April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014
Project Title:  Constructing Social Vulnerability Indicators in Coastal Water Management: Manila Bay as Context
Project Leader:  Prof. Arlen A. Ancheta, Ph.D.

5.    Commission on Higher Education – Philippine Higher Education Research Network (CHED-PHERNET), Philippines
Duration: April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014
Project Title:  Social Investigation on the Lives of Istambays in the Philippines (SILIP)
Project Leader:  Assoc Prof. Clarence M. Batan, Ph.D.

6.    International Federation of Catholic University (IFCU), France
Duration April 28, 2010 – April 28, 2013
Project Title: Studies on Policies and Studies on Drug Use and Abuse: The Catholic Universities in Dialogue with Political and Social Actors
Project Director:  Prof. Armando F. de Jesus, Ph.D.

7.    Global Development Network (GDN), India
Duration April 8, 2011-April 1, 2013
Project Title: Remittance Investment Climate Analysis in Rural Hometowns  (RICART) Part 1
Project Director:  Prof. Alvin P. Ang, Ph.D.

8.    Anonymous – Catholic Donor from Europe
Duration June 2012-May 2013
Project Title: Remittance Investment Climate Analysis in Rural Hometowns  (RICART) Part II
Project Director:  Prof. Alvin P. Ang, Ph.D.

9.    Department of Interior and Local Government – Local Government Academy (DILG-LGA), Philippines
Duration May 15, 2012 – Nov. 30, 2012
Project Title: Policy Review on HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in the Philippines (under GOP-UNDP Scaling-Up Effective and Sustained Response to HIV and AIDS)
Project Leader:  Prof. Armando F. de Jesus, Ph.D.

10.    Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippines
Duration:  Feb. 1, 2010 – Jan. 31, 2011
Program Title:  Pasig River Stewardship Initiatives Through Science and Technology (S&T) advocacy
Project Title:  Component 3. Advocacy and Awareness – Project 6:  Study on the Technological Management Practices of Multi-sectoral Stakeholders in Estero de Paco
Project Leader:  Prof. Arlen A. Ancheta, Ph.D.